Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gaza beach

In response to Davis' posting (see below) - I write the following as my personal opinion - it is not the position of the Next Century Foundation - the NCF does not take a political stance on issues of this kind:

I appreciate the emotions this issue raises, but saying a thing was not so does not make it not so. To quote Ewen MacAskil in the Guardian today, "The Israeli army, in an attempt to deter the rocket launching, has been laying down artillery barrages into Gaza that are reminiscent of the first world war."

The miracle is that this sort of tragic event has not happened sooner.

William Morris


Davis said...
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Davis said...

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My apologies, in reference to your comment below, for not posting that post under my own name, I did sign it as my own, but was logged into the NCF account.

The fact remains that despite much slander the evidence does not point conclusively towards an Israeli shell. Rather, it would appear the case that both the shrapnell removed from Huda's wounds as well as the inconsistencies in the Ramattan News Agency cameraman's statements to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung make it hard to blame Israel for any direct shelling on these people.

Despite the quotation above - inappropriate in my opinion - it is true that Gaza has been shelled in response to Quassam rocket fire, and lately also Iranian manufactured Katushya rockets with a much wider range. However, this shelling has been almost always into empty fields, from which the rockets - with Hamas endorsement even during the so-called Hudna - were fired at the Kindergardens, schools and homes of Sderot.

It failsl to convince me when you use this unsuitable first World War comparison, and follow it to the conclusion that it's surprising such a tradegy has only occured now.

Having said all that, the investigation was always going to be so political as to make it very hard to extract any certainty from it, and of course this event - despite its horror - has been pushed of the news agenda by