Thursday, July 20, 2006

Guardian antisemitism?

Felix forwards this item from Academic and Media Watch on Antisemitism asking: "What should be done about this outrage?":

The Guardian has never made it a secret that it loathes Israel.

It was silent during the illegal 30 year occupation of the Lebanon by the Nazi inspired Baathist Syrian regime. Despite numerous assassinations, secret police and political violence.

This UK daily newspaper prefers to reserve it's bile for the democratic Jewish state of Israel.

This cartoon by Martin Rowson, was published in The Guardian this week. It is a contemptuous racist slur, aimed at insulting Jews worldwide by defaming their religious symbol and iconography. It makes no mention of Iran, Hamas or Syria. Or of the many Jewish children hurt, killed or maimed by a ceaseless campaign of hatred by terrorists and their extremist supporters.

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