Thursday, August 24, 2006

Media Conference

The International Media Council has convened a conference on Xenophobia in the Media under the auspices of:

Next Century Foundation / The St Brides Forum /
The International Communications Forum


Hosted by: The St. Brides Forum

Wednesday 13th September 2006

Delegates include:

Mr William Morris, Chairman, The International Media Council and Secretary General, The Next Century Foundation
Ewen MacAskill, Diplomatic Editor, The Guardian
Mrs Ann Leslie, Senior Correspondent, The Daily Mail
Mr Tim Pendry, Director, TPPR Associates
Rev George Pitcher, Chairman, St Brides Forum
Mr. Richard Beeston, Diplomatic Editor, The Times Newspaper
Reverend Larry Wright, Religious Affairs Officer, Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre
Ms. Hoda Al-Husayni, “al-Sharq al-Awsat” Newspaper / Radio Monte (t.b.c.)
Mrs Baria Alamuddin, Columnist, Al Hayat Newspaper; Director, Media Services Syndicate
Mrs June Jacobs, International Council of Jewish Women; Trustee, The Next Century Foundation (t.b.c.)
Mr Todd Levanthal, Office to Counter Disinformation, The State Department, Washington: "The impact of disinformation on journalists".
Mr Adel Darwish, Correspondent, The Daily Mail; The Middle East News Agency
Ms Karen Dabrowski, Director, The Other Iraq Website
Professor Michael Barkun, Maxwell School, Syracuse University, author of A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Vision in Contemporary America (2003), Religion and the Racist Right (1997) : "Conspiracy theories as enablers of xenophobia"
Mr Todd Levanthal, Office of Disinformation, The State Department, Washington
Mr Chris Doyle, Director, The Council for the Advancement of Arab British Understanding

If you wish to attend e-mail for details

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