Monday, October 09, 2006

The Veil

This business of whether it is offensive for Arab women to wear the veil in the West is interesting. I think it is offensive for women to wear the veil anywhere because it is an expression of the subjugation of women. And we like it of course. Keeping women in their place that is. Male dominion is a common theme of Christo-Judeo-Islamic thinking.

It is not, however, a feature of Koranic thinking. The Prophet Mohamed kept his wives unveiled. Interesting to note that the Wikepedia entry for the HIJAB or veil is repeatedly "vandelised" - presumably by Moslems who are offended by the reference to the fact that the Koran does not demand the wearing of the veil. Perverse eh?

Is the veil a source of racial confrontation, does it offend and cause offence when worn in the West? Yes. It offends me anyhow. I can't help it. It seems provocative and insulting. Now why is that? Because it demeans women? Yes but it's more than that. I find it discurteous. In so much as I can, when overseas I adopt the "when in Rome do as the Romans" approach. I expect the same from those from other cultures who settle in our countries in the West.

Furthermore, I do not believe in a multicultural society. I believe in a melting pot world. Multiculturalism has failed and needs consigning to the dustbin of history. Quickly.

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Angel said...

I would like to say that it is noone else concern when a women decides to wear niqab. I am a 20 yr old Australian revert to Islam who chose to wear niqab. And I will not remove it just because someone who has no idea what they are talking about to tell me I cannot wear niqab. It is between the muslim woman and Allah. Noone else. I don't tell those who waer little to no clothes to but them on. Nor do i say you can't wear the star of david or a cross. You don't tell a nun to remove her habit. I will niqab with pride and I will not remove it. Imprison me, fine me, do whatever you and all those who think we shouldn't wear niqab do what you want. But I will continue to wear niqab for it is my RIGHT and my freedom of choice. Maybe instead of thinking about yourself and how you feel ask a muslim women why she wears niqab. Ask more then 1000000 revert women why they chose to wear niqab instead of preaching and inforcing your beliefs on use