Tuesday, January 09, 2007

With friends like these

Afif Safieh in Washington sent this item. It is written by Fania Oz, one of the original founding members of the group that became the Next century Foundation:

WALL STREET JOURNAL COMMENTARY With Friends Like These. By FANIA OZ-SALZBERGER January 6, 2007 - An Israeli gal like me cannot afford to be too picky about her friends, certainly not in Europe. Recent European polls proclaimed Israel the single most dangerous country on earth, the guiltiest monger of global conflict, and, to crown it all, the least desirable place to live. Most Israelis, busy with their thriving economy under a warm Mediterranean sun, tend to forgive such pronouncements coming from dismal Düsseldorf and snowbound Stockholm. But a new challenge has now cropped up. We seem to have gained new European friends, and not quite for the right reasons.


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