Friday, February 16, 2007

The Policy Exchange - The Evil Side

From Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK

As political parties set out their stalls of new ideas in preparation for a general election, the increasing influence of privately funded research on political discussion will demand closer scrutiny. Private thinktanks are increasingly shaping national debates in the media, something made possible through the private funds required for high-profile launches, websites and email campaigns.

A striking example of this symbiotic relationship is Policy Exchange's report Living Apart Together, on Muslim social attitudes, which is officially launched today. It was released to the press two weeks ago to provide research cover for David Cameron's speech attacking multiculturalism and prominent Muslim organisations. The report included claims that a significant minority of Muslims were "living apart" from British society, claims that were widely reported in the media and appeared to legitimise Conservative party rhetoric.

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1 comment:

Davis said...

I understand that I have been asked to post about MPAC's antisemitism and extremism, before we remove them from our mailing list.

I regret that these, albeit very minor, academics are adding to MPAC's veneer of respectability.

Given though, that MPACS head and founder has donated money to David Irving - 'for telling the truth' and urged other Muslim activists to do the same, i believe that the onus of proof should not be on me.

That is to say, i will put together a post on them when time allows - more than enough antisemites are making demands on my time anyway, but in any case, what more than donating money to David Irving does one have to do to not be linked to by NCF?