Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tutu And St. Thomas

Rfai Dajani of ATFP sent this interseting item. It shows how easy it is for disinformation to spread - EVEN WITHOUT MEDIA CULPABILITY. Mind you, some might say "Only in America". The Christian Century looks at the recent banning of Archbishop Desmond Tutu from speaking at the University of St. Thomas based on his criticism of Israeli occupation policies:

The University of St. Thomas is the largest private institution of higher learning in the state of Minnesota, a school "inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition." Recently, the university found itself in the embarrassing position of having failed to do some basic research; it did not check its sources. The story behind this development began innocently enough in April, when a staff member from St. Thomas's Justice and Peace Studies program informed his colleagues that he had booked South African archbishop Desmond Tutu for a campus appearance.


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