Monday, February 04, 2008

Laughing at Terror

Adel sends this link to the U-tube video "Ahmed the Dead Terrorist" by Jeff Dunham. Is it merely amusing - or is it crude Islamophobia?



Davis said...

It's not merely amusing, it's hilarious. Almost 30 MILLION hits on YouTube btw, that's huge!

How you construe this as Islamophobic eludes me. Have we really gone that far in our own thought police? And you don't care about the priests and the small boys in the act???

They are blowing themselves up, they believe in the virgins, and humor is not such a bad weapon in this case.

And despite what our government says in its new mis-guidelines, as Adel himself said so succinctly, the terrorists use every opportunity to remind us that they are Muslim and doing it in the name of Islam.

He's not taking the mickey out of the Tamil Tigers. I wonder why...

William said...

Davis, why is it this comment makes me sad. When I was a boy there was a violent Jewish group called the Jewish Defence League based in New York and run by Rabbi Meir Kahana. Couple of years earlier there were real Jewish terror groups that did some very aweful stuff. Would I be sickened if they were satirised in quite this way? Even though I don't like them? Yes - I would.