Monday, October 18, 2010

Wikileaks Prepares new Publications

As it becomes apparent that Wikileaks is about to publish documents on the Iraq war the US military is preparing for the impending media attention.

Wikileaks, the online news source that specialises in revealing abuses of power by government and businesses, has said that it has up to 400 000 documents on the Iraq war and video footage of a massacre of Afghanistani civilians by US troops that it will release soon. They are expected to be posted on the website when it is restored as it is currently down for maintenance.

The US military has voiced its concerns over the release of documents, citing the impact on the security of those sources implied in the documents. After the release of 70 000 similar documents in July the Pentagon expressed fears that Wikileaks did not have the expertise to guarantee the safety of the sources mentioned in the documents. The US military have assembled a 120 man task force to try and monitor the leaks and defend the allegations of abuse of power that are sure to stem from it.

The publication of these documents will undoubtedly be a good thing as it will force the American Military to conduct itself much more responsibly and it is disappointing that the US feel the need to try and suppress this.

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