Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fox News report on Norway attacks

Fox News has been criticised for its reporting on the Norway shootings.

There has been no question that Breivik is a right-wing extremist but Fox have failed to accurately portray this and in fact jumping to conclusions, accusing Breivik of being an Islamist before any of the official facts were published. They have been accused of denying the true nature of the gunman’s beliefs, blaming the internet and society for the autrocities rather than holding the individual to full account.

David Badash adds his criticism of Fox News. In a 5 minute news segment, ‘loaded with falsehoods’, Fox News manage to use the words ‘Muslim’, ‘Islamic’ and ‘Al Qaeda’, a total of 15 times, despite the fact that the attacker was none of these but in fact a Christian fundamentalist. The Young Turks echo this, today criticising the media giant for continuing to deny Breivik’s right-wing, Christian nature.

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