Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gordon Brown v News International

Gordon Brown has today joined the extensive list of people attacking News International as he accuses them of using ‘disgusting’ methods to gain access to personal information and alleges they have links to the ‘criminal underworld’.

Brown went on to attack The Sunday Times claiming they had illegally gained access to his personal bank account as well as legal files during the time he served as UK Chancellor.

News International journalists informed Brown that the Sun had details of his son’s medical condition (cystic fibrosis). The former Prime Minister was incredibly upset as he had wished this information to remain private. Brown does not know how this information was gained; but the Sun claimed it was by acceptable methods.

In separate news, The Sunday Times reported that according to details they had uncovered, Brown had bought a flat at a ‘knock-down price’ that was formally owned by Robert Maxwell. Brown refuted this but alleged that the newspaper had someone gained access to his building society account and legal files by using their links with known criminals who Sunday Times investigators hired.

News International said that the matter would be investigated and David Cameron pledged to get to the bottom of what he referred to as this ‘appalling mess’, calling for further investigations to be made into the newspapers and offered his sympathy to Gordon and Sarah Brown.

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