Tuesday, January 24, 2012

German President tried to stop newspaper publishing about his finances

A really hard 2012 start for Christian Wulff, President of Germany, who has been asked to resign after he tried to stop the publishing of a story about him. According to a journalist investigation, Christian Wulff accepted a £ 420,000 loan at a favorable interest rate from the wife of Egon Geekens, a German businessman. When Mr Wulff discovered that Das Bild was going to publish the story, he contacted the newspaper editor, threatening judicial consequences and a breach in the relations between the Presidency and the newspaper. His attempt was unsuccessful, and he later tried to excuse personally for his behavior, but the details about the whole story had already been released. Even if the loan was subscribed before he became President in May 2010, now he has to face increasing pressure, asking to clarify his position, while some people are expecting him to resign.

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