Wednesday, February 08, 2012

'Christmas Banned By PC College Chiefs' Daily Express

Paul Jeeves has written an article bringing to light an event which has occurred in Yorkshire Coast College in Scarborough, North Yorks, claiming that leaders of the institution have decided to refer to holidays  like "Christmas" as "end of term breaks".
The article written on 16th September, 2008, shows the outrage by various individuals who find this unreasonable and “bonkers” arguing that by protecting the rights of minorities, we are ultimately oppressing the majority as this is a Christian country, where part of the religious acceptance is about respecting other religious beliefs.
This article has also caused some controversy with various Muslims, who believe that the Daily Express has caused trouble by possibly victimising them and presenting them in a way where it could be understood by readers that they are the ones who have persuaded the enforcement of this change.
Although this is arguably being enforced to promote equality and diversity, it is also debateable to argue that by banning the reference to holidays such as ‘Christmas’, this institution is possibly doing the opposite by oppressing the majority in case of  affecting the sensitivity of others.

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