Friday, July 27, 2007

Littlejohn's documentary on antisemitism

This item, from a media circulation forwarded by Felix, is problematic, both in the sense that the BBC does indeed fail to take antisemitism seriously, and in the sense that Littlejohn has a point in content but is offensive in form.

A couple of years ago when the BBC approached me to make what they called an 'authored documentary' on any subject about which I felt passionate, I proposed an investigation into modern anti-Semitism to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Cable Street last October.

My thesis was that while the Far Right hasn't gone away, the motive force behind the recent increase in anti-Jewish activity comes from the Fascist Left and the Islamonazis.

It was an idea which vanished into the bowels of the commissioning process, never to return. Eventually the Beeb told me that they weren't making any more 'authored documentaries'.
I couldn't help wondering what might have happened if I'd put forward a programme on 'Islamophobia'. It would probably have become a six-part, primetime series and I'd have been up for a BAFTA by now.

But I persevered and Channel 4 picked up the project. You can see the results on Monday night.
When some people heard I was making the programme, their first reaction was: 'I didn't know you were Jewish.'

I'm not, but what's that got to do with the price of gefilte fish? They simply couldn't comprehend why a non-Jew would be in the slightest bit interested in investigating anti-Semitism.

If I had been making a film about Islamophobia, no one would have asked me if I was Muslim.

The Labour MP John Mann told me that he experienced exactly the same reaction when he instigated a parliamentary inquiry into anti-Semitism.

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William said...

Yup - it is the phrase "Islamonazis" that sticks in my craw. I have heard one senior Palestinian describe Israel as a nazi state in my presence and I was deeply offended - and made sure he knew it. There the use of the phrase was doubly offensive because of what the Jews had suffered at the hands of the nazis - but regardless, the Nazis practiced genocide and abuse on a disgusting scale - we should be very very very cautious about devaluing the word "Nazi" by using it as a casual slur on people who may - in certain circumstances - be racist terrorists - like elements of Hamas say - BUT to use it for "Islamists" in general is offensive and yes . . . RACIST !