Monday, July 30, 2007

Muslims and Anti-Semitsm

Davis has long been offended by the output of MPAC which he has regarded as quasi-racist. So for once they seem to be behaving better - anyhow, this piece dated 29 July seemed worthy of blogging:

The responsibility of the Muslims and the Jews in the West is tremendous: living together, both citizens of the same countries, they should raise their voices in the name of justice and mutual respect. In France, for example, one finds a unique situation; namely, the largest Jewish and Muslim communities in Europe living together. In America, we find the same situation with two important religious communities sharing the same citizenship. That itself should be an ideal opportunity for people to learn to live in harmony. However, the reality is that problems are on the rise. While tensions have been incidental in the past, the situation has been exacerbated during the second intifada, and more recently, during the upsurge of violence in the Middle East. The trend appears to be that the Muslim immigrants as well as native European and American Muslims are becoming extremely sensitive to the events occurring in Palestine and are demonstrating their frustration quite overtly.

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Davis said...

I must object in the strongest possible terms. The introduction to this post seems to suggest that MPAC's tactic has worked delightfully here.

The above article is by Tariq Ramadan. It is absolutely nothing to do with MPAC. They post it so as to give those that are open to persuasion soemthing to go on.

Ramadan - and the article - comes with his own set of serious problems and questions. There is not enough space here and it would warrant a seperate post which I will compose in due time.

The easiest way to demolish MPAC's pathetic (but seemingly successful...) attempt at credibility is to pay attention to the top of the piece, above which sits a banner asking to 'take action' against Richard Littlejohn's Channel 4 documentary on Antisemitism.

Having posted Ramadan's problematic piece - which at least attempts to argue against age-old cannards reappearing as some kind of Jewish super-cabal in the US (the Jewish Lobby), MPAC, when they are writing themselves, promptly invoke just that.

Further though the part of their piece on Fitzsimmons is also highly contemptible. I urge readers to download the film from Channel 4 on Demand and see for themselves. MPAC make an appearance in the film - the claims of which are fully justified and backed by the evidence, contrary to their attempts to deny this. MPAC's appearance is absolutely atrocious, as is to be expected.

Anyone who takes five minutes of reading around MPAC's site will be left in nou doubt as to their nature.

An organisation whose head gave money to David Irving 'on behalf of all Muslims', amongst myrriad instances of antisemitism couched in the most detestable logic has absolutely no place on here, I have said this before and I continue to be of the opinion that they should be removed from our mailing list without further ado.

I most certainly am not placated by this cheap attempt at legitimacy from what is a disgusting outfit. They claim to be part of the solution, but they are a perfect indication of the problem.