Monday, March 21, 2011

The BBC again

Hooky wrote this to the BBC. There was no satisfactory answer:

Dear “Today”
In his interview with Howard Davies on 4 March John Humphrys described the late President of the United Arab Emirates, Shaikh Zaid bin Sultan Al Nahyan, as “a very, very nasty man”. I quickly sent off the attached e-mail. I received no response other than the usual electronic acknowledgment, and there has been no reference on your programme this morning.
It is not for me to give the Today programme lessons in modern history: you have plenty of researchers. It will however perhaps help to guide their researches if I draw attention to the current Wikipedia entry on Shaikh Zaid - I stand by the snap judgment given in my e-mail of yesterday. I would add that Shaikh Zaid was a good friend of the UK (it may be recalled that, remarkably, when HMG announced their intention to remove their physical presence from the Gulf states by 1971 Shaikh Zaid offered to pay for our troops to remain in his territory). I would go so far as to assert that Shaikh Zaid was a fine man, even as human beings go a good man.
Certainly he could by no standards be called “a very, very nasty man”. Certainly, too, it is not for the Today programme gratuitously to traduce foreign leaders at the whim of an ill-informed presenter.
Howard Davies apologised for what he considered errors of judgment on his part in the dealings between the LSE and the Gaddafi regime. Is John Humphrys a big enough man to apologise for his own error? If not, the BBC should issue an apology on their own account.
Yours sincerely
H Walker

(Sir Harold Walker)

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