Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Daily Mail

Some of our members called us to task for not dealing adequately with issues relating to xenophobia in the London Daily Mail newspaper. Here is one such complaint, from a journalist:

Firstly, they give lots of coverage to nutters like Anjem Choudary. He's a publicity seeker, who doesn't represent British Muslims, but the Mail like to quote him constantly.

Played his hands by publishing his ridiculous mocked up pictures of Buckingham Palace as a mosque and the Queen wearing a burka.
General fearmongering stories about Islamification of the UK:
Foreign coverage focuses on incidents like this:

Aid money for education in Pakistan is "a huge gamble with the lives of British troops" and supposedly an apology to Pakistan for the mistakes of the British Empire and saying it looked both ways on terror:
Some of Littlejohn's columns:
"The problem is exacerbated by the huge increase in immigration under Labour. There are now almost three million Muslims living in Britain, an increase of 50 per cent since 2001. Who voted for that? It can’t all be explained by a high birthrate."
"We’re also told that thousands of young Muslim men became radicalised after 9/11. You might have thought that any sane individual would have been horrified by one of the worst acts of mass murder ever witnessed in peacetime — not seen it as a call to arms."
"Before 9/11, few took much notice of the growing Muslim communities in Britain or the sprouting of alien-looking mosques across our cityscapes.
But many people are now genuinely concerned about the past decade of Islamic expansionism. Rightly or wrongly, they fear the transformation of British society in some areas, from the intrusive call to prayer in the inner cities to the ubiquity of halal meat in supermarkets."
"I’ve remarked before on the contortions the Left are prepared to perform in order to make common cause with the mad mullahs, who are diametrically opposed to ‘diversity’ in all its manifestations.Militant Muslims attempting to establish a sharia state in East London are being cheered on by Leftists, such as those who support George Galloway’s absurdly-named ‘Respect’ party, a toxic mix of Islamist fanaticism and revolutionary socialism.
"For it is not just terrorism that threatens Britain. It is also the steady incursion of Islamic sharia law, whose principles are inimical to Western values and human rights. This ‘sharia creep’ is now highly advanced in Britain. A parallel jurisdiction in Islamic family law has been allowed to develop in Muslim areas, turning British Muslim women into second-class citizens and worse."

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