Thursday, August 04, 2011

'Hari Hurry Back!' Say Dubai

Johann Hari, a British journalist for The Independent, has been welcomed back to Dubai, regardless of his opinion of the emirate. He wrote almost 9000 words on ‘The Dark Side of Dubai,’ in which he regards the city as ‘morally bankrupt.’ Regardless of the fact that it is illegal to insult the government, a spokesperson for Dubai Police says ‘he is welcome in Dubai.’

Hari has a background of controversial writing, and was recently accused of plagiarism over twitter. He writes in The Independent that he has ‘sometimes substituted a passage they have written.’ Hari, however, has seen the consequences of his actions, and apologised. He was suspended from The Independent.
Johann Hari
The controversial journalist also seems unable to take criticism. There are allegations that Hari, under a different name, edited the Wikipedia pages for other journalists that disapproved of his work.
Hari is the youngest journalist to have won the George Orwell prize, and has also won a number of prestigious awards, including the Amnesty International Journalist of the Year Award, twice.
Although perhaps Hari contributes heavily to the concept of freedom of expression and speech, a few of his journalistic endeavours, and mistakes, have turned around to bite him. Nonetheless, he has proved the UAE to be extremely forgiving.

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