Thursday, August 04, 2011

Piers Morgan Under Scrutiny

Heather Mills has relit the furore of the phone hacking scandal with her new allegations regarding the Daily Mirror hacking her voicemail messages. It follows a long list of celebrities who have gradually discovered and accused large tabloid papers of publishing stories based on ‘gutter methods’.
The hacking was at a time when Heather Mills was experiencing difficulties in her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney. It was also when Piers Morgan was editor of the Daily Mirror, which brings several calls for a committee hearing.
Heather Mills revealed in her interview with BBC Newsnight on Wednesday 3rd August that a journalist called her and quoted parts of the call. Mills said she threatened the journalist with going to the police, and he agreed not to run the story.
Although this journalist was not Piers Morgan himself, he admitted that he had heard the voicemail message in an article in 2006 for the Daily Mail. “It was heartbreaking...Paul was pleading with her to come back... (He) even sang ‘We Can Work It Out’ into the answer phone.”
Such information obviously requires some dishonesty in attaining; however Morgan refutes ever having any involvement or knowledge. Nonetheless, MPs and the Culture Select Committee say they have no intention to quiz Morgan.
The phone hacking scandal, which has swallowed up News of the World and is biting away at Rupert Murdoch, has seen a number of revelations of dishonest journalism, as figures from Sienna Miller to Milly Dowler have seen their voicemails hacked. With a further release of allegations, in Heather Mills’ case, ten years after the event, the scandal may continue to grow and hit other papers beyond the Murdoch empire.
Piers Morgan

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