Friday, December 16, 2011

BBC won't sack presenter over remarks against public sector strikers

BBC won’t sack one of its best known presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, after his declarations about the last British public strike last month. Commenting the strike on The One Show on 4th December, Mr Clarkson declared that the strikers should be “shot in front of their families”, causing huge protests and requests for his sack by the British working unions. BBC director general Mark Thompson confirmed that BBC is not going to fire him and that Clarkson’s declarations were intended as a joke, even if it was a stupid one. Clarkson, had already apologized for his remarks, and will continue with his programme on the BBC, Top Gear, estimated to have around 350 million viewers per week all around the world. The BBC received 32,000 complaints about the Clarkson comments.

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