Monday, January 09, 2012


Brief update in the Leveson affair.
Sean Hoare’s brother, Stuart Hoare, gave written witness to the inquiry, stating that “phone hacking was routine” at the Sun and at the News of the World. A former News of the World reporter, Sean was found dead last July, due to natural causes: in September 2010, he spoke out about hacking practise done by journals in a New York Times article. His brother said Sean was under great pressure from his superiors in doing his job, and that phone hacking was “endemic” in the group, a common practise by several journalists. On the 20th of December session, the former editor of Daily Mirror Piers Morgan denied any involvement in hacking practices. In front of the court, he stated that he did not investigate the nature of the practices in collecting information to not compromise his sources. In his 10 years working experience at the Daily Mirror, Mr Morgan denied knowledge of illegal practices, dismissing as rumours every charge against his behaviour. The Leveson inquiry was set up to investigate alleged illegal and anti-ethical practices undertaken by UK media and newspapers in collecting information.

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